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File format for GetThumbnail ! Critical


We have a Flash application that reads in the .jpg files that are output from Aspose slides (using GetThumbnail). Unfortunately it flat out does not work as the .jpg files saved by GetThumbnail. Is there a way to control the file format used by GetThumbnail?

All we want to do is save out each slide as a .jpg at a specific size.

We opened one of the resulting files in Photoshop and got the following error messsage -

"Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG
marker type is found"

We opened these on a Mac using Preview and resaved and then they were fine so it looks like there is a subtle problem with the header.

Please help. This is an absolute show-stopper for us!

GetThumbnail function returns standard System.Drawing.Image object.
You can save it in any format supported by .Net. Please check MSDN:

For example you can save it as PNG:

slide.GetThumbnail().Save(“image.png”, ImageFormat.PNG);