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File not found?

When I try the following code I get a file not found…check the spelling…error when word opens up. Have you seen this error before. I have not experienced any problems until now.

FYI. I can click save and then save the document to my desktop. Then open it and all is well.

Here is my code.

'Me.curPath = MapPath(".")

Dim licenseFile As String = MapPath(“License”) + “\Aspose.Word.lic”

'Open precreated designer file.
Dim word As Word = New Word
'word.SetLicense(licenseFile, Me)
'Create the document that user requested. Action is specified in the request string.
Dim doc As Document

doc = CreateEvalReportFromDataTables()

Dim slcid As Integer = 1

Dim param As String = “InvoiceFromDataSet”
Select Case param

Case “InvoiceFromDataSet”
doc = CreateEvalReportFromDataTables()
End Select

'Stream the document to the client browser.
doc.Save( _
String.Format(“report.doc”, param), _
SaveFormat.FormatDocument, _
IIf(saveTypeBtn.SelectedIndex = 0, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, SaveType.OpenInWord), _

Can you help?



Hi Neil,

Make sure you use the latest version and hotfix of Aspose.Word first.
Then send me both the original and produced .doc files to
If Aspose.Word creates a file with invalid structure MS Word might throw a message like this, I’ve seen it happening earlier.

No problems with this document either. In fact, it looks like a document I was testing several months ago.

Make sure you really get that file on the disk before you try to us MS Word to open it and let me know what Word version you use.