Find and Seach using Aspose.Excel



Please find the following code in VB.NET using MS Excel and suggest me an equalant Aspose.excel code for search?

Private Sub DemoFind()
Dim currentFind As Excel.Range

’ Keep track of the first range you find.
Dim firstFind As Excel.Range = Nothing

’ You should specify all these parameters
’ every time you call this method, since they
’ can be overridden in the user interface.
currentFind = Me.Fruits.Find(“apples”, , _
Excel.XlFindLookIn.xlValues, Excel.XlLookAt.xlPart, _
Excel.XlSearchOrder.xlByRows, Excel.XlSearchDirection.xlNext, _
While Not currentFind Is Nothing
If firstFind Is Nothing Then
firstFind = currentFind
ElseIf currentFind.Address = firstFind.Address Then
Exit While
End If
With currentFind.Font
.Color = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToOle( _
.Bold = True
End With
currentFind =Me.Fruits.FindNext(currentFind)
End While
End Sub


Please try the following sample code with the attached fix.

’ Search string in range from B2 to F11

Dim cells as Cells = ExcelObj.Worksheets(0).Cells

Dim area as CellArea
area.StartRow = 1
area.EndRow = 10
area.StartColumn = 1
area.EndColumn = 5

Dim previousCell as Cell = null
Dim currentCell as Cell = cells.FindString(“apples”, previousCell, area)

While Not currentCell Is Nothing
previousCell = currentCell
With currentCell.Style.Font
.Color = Color.Red
.IsBold = True
End With
currentCell = cells.FindString(“apples”, previousCell, area)
End While



Thanks for that…But in search i am really looking for a format to search inside a loop and validate for it.

For Ex, i am looking for cell values with “-” inside. (HEP-001,GEIO-98).
In Excel they have (-) for that.Here how can i search that?

-Balaji RJ