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Finding position of text

Is it possible to find a location of text using aspose.pdf.kit? What we would like to do is to find some text placeholders and replace them with fields. We currently can do this using another PDF library, but we are trying to standardize on using Aspose.

The last message I see regarding this functionality was a few years ago when it was entered under PDFKITNET-9168 in your system. Has that item been completed or is there some other way of doing this?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Michael,

You’re right. This requirement is already logged in our issue tracking system. However, the correct issue ID is PDFKITNET-9186. I’m afraid, it is still not supported. And I’m very sorry to share with you that we’re not quite sure at the moment that when it will be supported. Nevertheless, we’ll update you via this forum thread once it is supported in our future versions. Moreover, I’ll consult with our development team as well to find out when this might be supported and let you know accordingly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

That is unfortunate for us as well. We will not be able to use your product either.

Hi Rob,

I can totally understand the situation and I’m very sorry that we’re unable to help you out at the moment. I’m afraid, due to certain limitations, we need to prioritize the issues at our end. We’ll try to inform you as soon as we make progress regarding this requirement.

We’re once again very sorry for the inconvenience.