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Finding shapes on the slide


On this page

you make this statement:

"It is important to know that PowerPoint Presentation files do not have any way to identify shapes on a slide except an internal unique Id. It seems to be difficult for developers to find a shape using its internal unique Id. This topic will describe a simple technique to make it easier for developers to find a specific shape on a slide without using its internal Id."

I would say the statement is false. I'm using heavily PowerPoint.Shape's property Name like this

PowerPoint.Shape s = AddShape(...);

s.Name = "Name";


s = slide.Shapes["Name"];

Using alt-text sounds cumbersome to me.

Powerpoint shape object contains a getter this[object index], while you have this[int index].

Maybe you could add this[string index] too?

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Hi Olavi,

I have observed the requirement shared by you and an issue with ID 30408 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve this issue. Our development team will investigate the possibility of implementing the mentioned feature in Aspose.Slides. We will share the further information with you once it is shared by our development team.

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