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Finding the page number of an object

We are licensed users of Aspose.PDF.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

We are developing an application that dynamically generates a Price Guide PDF document that contains the items and the parts used in each item with the descriptions and respective price.

Current Manual process:

After the Price Guide PDF is manually created and sent to the customer, there may be changes in the Price/Pack Qty/Part. To update this information to the customers, now we modify the respective page, print the modified pages and send them to the Customers. The customers would remove the affected pages and insert this new page there.

For example, if Page 50 has a price change for only one Part Number, we will modify & print Page 50 alone with the new price without affecting the rest of the contents in that page and give it to the customers. The customers will replace the old page with this new one.

New Automation Application:

Now we automate this functionality and use Aspose.Pdf for generating the PDF to send to the customer. Assuming when there is a change in the price/etc. of any item/part, we regenerate the entire PDF. We assume that the items in each page, number of pages remain the same in the new PDF also. Also, we have the list of items for which the price has changed, in the database.

During regeneration can we programmatically make a list of page numbers in which the modified items are present? This list of page numbers can be displayed in the screen after regenerating, so that the user can make note of those page numbers and print those pages alone for sending to the customer.

So, is it possible to track in which page the changed items/parts are present in the generated PDF? Something like creating dummy (empty) objects at the starting and ending point of the changed portion, and finding the page number of the dummy objects?

Let me know whether this can be achieved through Aspose.Pdf.



Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please refer to GetPageNumber.