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FIPS and Aspose Cells Ver 5.2

Our company has implemented FIPS requirements in our test environment. Now, when I try to create an Excel file using Aspose Cells I get the following Error.

This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithmst

Is there a setting or something that I should change in the webconfig to get this to work again.



Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Cells.

Please try a latest version: Aspose.Cells for .NET (Latest Version) and let us know your feedback.

This issue has been logged as CELLSNET-29432.


Please refer to this document:

FIX: Error message in FIPS-compliant systems when you use Windows Communication Foundation to serialize generic types: “This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms”

Hi I am trying an to use 5.2 for this issue (we had 4.3). 5.2 seemed to work the problem I have is that we bought a lic for 5.2 but I cant get it to work.

the error I get is

The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until 06 Dec 2008, but this version of the product was released on 22 Nov 2010. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product.

I put the lic file and the dll in the bin directory

My code is as follows

'Instantiate the License class

Dim license As Aspose.Cells.License = New Aspose.Cells.License()

'Pass only the name of the license file embedded in the assembly


What am I missing here?


The error makes me think that It thinks we dont have a lic file for this verison but we do. Thats what is strange about the error.

Sorry... It was the old lic file not the new one.. its working fine



It’s good to know, your problem has been sorted out.