Firefox/1.5 or Netscape 8.0.4 Height Property not being maintained


Just noticed the Aspose.Grid is not maintaining the height property value that was set at runtime in Firefox or Netscape. I set the .height property to 400pt; Grid has 450 rows. The web output looks right in IE with scroll bars ... however in Firefox and Netscape there are no scroll bars and data is one long data feed down the browser window. This was working in Aspose.Excel.Web. Is there something else I need to set for scroll bars to work as expected in firefox or Netscape.

I also noticed the cell indicator on the rows are the right size, but the actual data row is 5 times as big. So your row indicators are not staying in sync with the data in the rows.


Ok further playing around with this... it seems that the data in the cell if it exceeds the row size still displays everything in netscape and firefox.

When this occurs the data row and the row indicator get out of sync.

Is this still the proper way to set a row height:

GridWeb1.WebWorksheets[0].Cells.SetRowHeight(row, new Unit(25, UnitType.Point) );

It seems the row indicators are getting out of sync with the actual row data if the cell data exceeds the specific row size. It doesnt matter what word wrap is set to for the row.

Removing all row formating and column formating commands ...just sending raw data using .StringValue still does the same thing.

Also noticed the Column headers (A, B, C etc) are out of sync with the data in the column. things are just not lining up in firefox or netscape.


Aspose.Grid works perfectly under IE. But for firefox or netscape it doesn’t work so well. In the future release we will enhance the compatiblity with browsers other than IE.