FitShapeToText on TextFrame / TextHolder always true?


It appears that the FitShapeToText property is always true. Under normal circumstances, I don’t care because I just get the boundary of the box, font size, and it works. But I started looking at some of the charts, which are processed as group shapes. When I enter text with very large fonts, it scales in PowerPoint to fit the text, but what is reported as the text box size is the small default. So it seems that this would be an instance where fit to text is appropriate, but as I said, it seems to always be true…

Also, if I were to process it as “fit to text”, any suggestions on how to figure out where the X, Y of the text box should be? I guess I could find the center of the default and offset by half of the “fitted” rectangle.



Dear Variant,

I will check FitShapeToText property.

About shape’s coordinates.
Yes, if text centered then you are right. Most of coordinates in ppt based on center of shape.
If text aligned to left or top you need simply change size of shape without changing X and Y.