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Fitting text into TextHolder's boundaries

In PowerPoint, if I enter too many paragraphs in a text holder and if my text exceeds the borders of the text holder, PowerPoint automatically reduce the font size of the whole text in order to make my text fitting into the limits of the text holder.

Is it possible for the Java version of the Aspose library to automatically do the same, or at least if there is a way to detect, programmatically, if the TextHolder's text exceeds the TextHolder's boundaries? The TextHolder may have several paragraphs, each paragraph may have several portions, and each portion can wrap on several lines.

I can get the TextHolder's dimension by calling getHeight() and getWidth() on it, but how can I compute the dimension of the text put in the text holder?

In the forum, it is mentionned to use the C# Graphics.MeasureString(text, font). Is it possible to access the java.awt.Graphics class in order to call getFontMetrics() after?

Our developer Nikolay works now to add this feature to .Net version of Aspose.PowerPoint.

Some time later it will be added also to Java version.