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Fix1.3.6.0 Released! --ColumnsSpan is available

In this fix:

1. A new property named “ColumnsSpan” has been added to the Cell class. Cells may now span multiple columns. Please download examples for ColumnsSpan here.

2. The font problem in the header and the footer reported by Jens Marberg has been fixed.

3. The table border problem reported by bryan has been fixed. To get the best border effect, we suggest that you use the same BorderInfo (such as LineWidth and Color) for all borders of a cell or row.

Please download the hotfix here. And please download the latest xsd file here.

I just downloaded the latest release, and I found it to be generating documents 2 seconds slower than version

Have you had a chance to look into performance issues yet, or will that be coming up in a later release?


Dear marksman,

Thanks for your consideration.

We will address the performance issue after the current work (nested table support) is completed.