Flatten Dynamic XFA form and change "Signing" security setting



We are interesed in buying Aspose.PDF (Java) but we need to be sure that we can achieve some requirements.

I need to flatten a XFA Dynamic Form and make it ready to sign (“Signing” property set to “Allowed”). We have been able to flatten the XFA form to a regular PDF but when I have tried to set the “Signing” property to “Allowed”, I could not find a way to do it.

Here is the code:

Document oDocument = new Document(ai_sInputPDF);

// Allow all privileges on the document
DocumentPrivilege oPrivilege = DocumentPrivilege.getAllowAll();

// Set the desired privileges
PdfFileSecurity oFileSecurity = new PdfFileSecurity(oDocument);


I can set set different privileges of “DocumentPrivilege” to “true” one by one, but I did not find a way to set “Signing” privileges.

Thanks in advance.




Thank you for contacting support.

Would you please share source and generated PDF documents so that we may investigate and assist you accordingly.



Find attached the document I am trying to flatten and remove “Signing” = “Not Allowed” security setting.

Thanks in advance,

Miriamworkcontract_meta4.pdf (57.9 KB)



Thank you for sharing requested data.

We have investigated it further and would like to update you that Acrobat Standard edition only allows to add the form fill-in and save Reader extension. In order to add the digital signature Reader extension, you would need Acrobat Pro. So in this case signing property is always false while using Acrobat Reader.

We have also attached a screenshot of your source document with Adobe Acrobat Pro for your kind reference. Acrobat Pro.PNG