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Folder class not found in PHP SDK

Operating System: Linux

Source Code:

<?php $inputFile = "1.jpg"; $symbology = ""; $fileName = basename($inputFile); //upload input file echo "Uploading file...
"; $folder = new Folder(); $folder->UploadFile($inputFile, ""); echo "File uploaded
"; echo "Reading barcode(s)
"; //create BarcodeReader object $reader = new BarcodeReader($fileName); //read barcode image and get a list of barcodes $barcodes = $reader->Read($symbology); foreach ($barcodes as $barcode) { echo "Type: " . $barcode->BarcodeType . " Text: " . $barcode->BarcodeValue . "
"; } ?>

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Please download PHP SDK from and add the following line at the start of your code:


Please let us know if this resolves your issue or you still find any issue in running this code.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

Hi Abhishek,

Did the below suggestion worked for you? Is your issue resolved now? If you still find any issue or need further assistance, please do let us know.

Thanks & Regards
Shahzad Latif
Saaspose Support Team.