Font.IsItalic and Font.Color issues

I have an xls sheet and have a cell in that sheet with italic blue text.
But when I read a style of that cell:
Cell.Style.Font.IsItalic returns false
Cell.Style.Font.Color returns 0

Does anybody know what’s going on?
Maybe I use wrong properties to read these values?

It’s a bug. It will be fixed in next hotfix.

The problem is fixed. Please download fix

Yes, now this issue fixed! Thank you!

Aspose.Cells has replaced Aspose.Excel which is deprecated now. You may consider using Aspose.Cells which provides advanced features available in all versions of MS Excel. This new product also provides managing fonts as demonstrated in the following sample code:

// Instantiating a Workbook object
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

// Adding a new worksheet to the Excel object
int i = workbook.Worksheets.Add();

// Obtaining the reference of the newly added worksheet by passing its sheet index
Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[i];

// Accessing the "A1" cell from the worksheet
Aspose.Cells.Cell cell = worksheet.Cells["A1"];

// Adding some value to the "A1" cell
cell.PutValue("Hello Aspose!");

// Obtaining the style of the cell
Style style = cell.GetStyle();

// Setting the font name to "Times New Roman"
style.Font.Name = "Times New Roman";

// Applying the style to the cell

// Saving the Excel file
workbook.Save(dataDir + "book1.out.xls", SaveFormat.Excel97To2003);

More details on this topic can be viewed here alongwith the sample codes:
Dealing with fonts

Latest version of this product is available here:
Aspose.Cells for .NET (Latest Version)

A ready to run solution is available here.