Font lookup behavior ignoring AWT available fonts


I am a bit curious about how you did manage the font lookup in the java version;

I made a little TestCase that you will find in attachement that shows that AsposeWords seems to ignore the AWT available fonts.

Test 1: Using system font (the font must be installed)
Test 2: Registering a font prior to parsing and saving the document

Should it not check if the font is available and then lookup to the defined or default font folder ?

- Note that the test is run using j2se 6

Okay I got it, you need to have access to the physical font file to be able to embed it inside the PDF. (makes sense).
Later in the process, i need to render the PDF for printing and that is when the AWT fonts kick in.

Since it crashes when the PdfOptions.trueTypeFontsFolder points toward a compressed archive and that we can’t register InputStream for fonts, I will just dump them into the app server temp folder as a work around.
I guess an exploded deployment would work as well.

Hi Hugo,
Thanks for your inquiry.
You’re analysis is correct. We are planning to implement a callback feature so you can provide custom fonts from a path or stream. I have linked your request to this issue. We will keep you informed of any developments regarding this.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-3639) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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