Font size changed after upgrade

Recompiling old code and in the same time new version of aspose pdf for .net.
Old 7.8 is planned to upgraded to 17.4 , all works fine except that small font and some graphics
Is bigger in the output pdf? Any suggestions what could cause this behavior.


Thanks for contacting support.

Would you please add some more details by sharing sample documents and highlighting the differences between them, along with sample code snippet which you are using to create them. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.


Here is a part of the PDF, old version and the new show the difference in font sizes .

Old Aspose.PNG (22.0 KB)
New Aspose.PNG (27.9 KB)

Working to gather some code, complex since its part of a Product configuration system.

The PDF is created from an XSL stylesheet, during the tests I noticed that default fontsize set in the xml is failing, but if I set size in every block than it works. Not sure why, but it’s an easy fix adding font-size in all blocks.


Thanks for writing back.

It seems that you have found a workaround at your end, which has solved your issue. However you may please share sample XML and XSLT files with us, so that we can also observe the font settings, which were failing at the time of PDF generation and address it accordingly.

Here you have the change i made, i move font size closer to the item text block. XMLSCREENPrint.PNG (10.3 KB)


Thanks for sharing the approach, which have resolved your issue.

It seems that font settings works fine at text block level. It will definitely help others to resolve similar type of issue. Please keep using our API and in case if you face any other issue, please share your sample files with us. We will definitely test the scenario in our environment and provide our feedback accordingly.