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Font Stlyes are changing when exporting slides

I am having issues with font styles when I clone a slide. Attached is sample application and presentation that replicated the errors. When you run the application pay attention to font style of "Performance & Disclosures" text of the slide. The ppts you want to look at is LongPresentation.EquityPerformanceAndDisclosure.PPT for the before and ..\bin\FirstSlide.ppt for the after.

Looks like a wrong cloning of TextHolder.

We will investigate and fix this problem.

Can your team give me some sort of estimate or maybe a possible workaround for this issue. I have few hundred and slides that I using this same process on. I would perfer not to have to check every single slide to see if they are affected by this.

It will be fixed asap but I can’t give any estimations yet.

The workaround is use TextFrames instead of TextHolders but

probably it’s not appropriate for you.

We are planning to publish hot fix for this issue on Tuesday.

You guys rock.

Smile [:)]

The new release fixed the font style issues but now it looks like cloneslides function is now broken. Attached is a sample application of the problem.

There is a small problem with PictureBullet copying which will be fixed. But why you clone master slide?

It looks like we should add throwing exception on such operations…

We are cloning master slides cause this is the only way we put title masters into a presenation. See this post from my coworker for more information about this issue:

Ok, I will add to our planes support for presentations without normal slides.