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Font support for Aspose on Linux


We’re evaluating our product to support Linux going forwards. One of the major libraries we use is Aspose (java) for converting office documents to pdf.

Initial evaluation with number of files suggests that it works, but the quality is not same as Windows, and the main reason is that many fonts available on Windows aren’t present on Linux.

There is a workaround that if we copy same font used in any given document from Windows to Linux, the problem gets solved. But I think this is not legal. Microsoft doesn’t allow its proprietary to get copied from Windows to any other platform.

Can you let me know how to overcome such problem in that case ? How are your other Linux customers achieve same quality parity as Windows ??

And how is the overall quality generally ? Do you get many issues for Linux ??



The quality of Aspose.Words generated PDF files should be the same provided the appropriate fonts are installed on Windows and Linux machines. Please refer to the following section of documentation:
How to Install True Type Fonts on Linux