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FontSize for Portion

Hi Alexey,

How can i get the font size of each text in Portion (port.FontHeight return -1)

A question: if “internal resolution of a slide in ppt file” is “not standard resolution” then how can i get the “standart resolution”. (cite answer from 05 Nov. 2004, 5:41AM)

Dear CAV,

-1 is a default value of FontHeight and I didn’t find correct way how to get real font size yet. Sometimes master slide has the same frames with real font size but sometimes not.

I’m calculating it for GetThumbnail function as:
44 for Title and CenteredTitle
32 for Subtitle
28 for other placeholders
18 for text frames

Standart 72 dpi resolution = ppt 576 dpi resolution / 8

I too am having the problem of FontHeight returning -1. Do you see a fix for this in the future? This seems pretty important…

Dear mrand01,

Yes, I’m planning to work with it in December because it’s important for me too for writing correct text rendering in GetThumbnail function.