Footer Format Problem

Hi team,

I have used Aspose.Slides. I need to change the format of the date to

"January 01, 2009" and page no to "page 3" in the footer of the slide. I am not able to do this.

Code i have used is below:

tempSlide.HeaderFooter.IsFooterVisible = true;

tempSlide.HeaderFooter.IsPageNumberVisible = true;

tempSlide.HeaderFooter.DateTimeText = System.DateTime.Today.ToString();

tempSlide.HeaderFooter.IsDateTimeVisible = true;

Other than these properties I dont have any other options. Also I have not used master slides I am creating a new slide on the fly and settings the footer properties.

Need your help ASAP.



Dear Prenidha,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

HeaderFooter.ateTimeFormat is a read-only property, so you cannot change it. However, you can create a textframe on master slide and set its text to the date text which will appear on all slides.