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Footer not found in document

Our application adds a TimeStamp the the footer of user’s documents before displaying them. We have found some examples where the timeStamp does not appear and in those cases we can see that this line of VB.Net code

            Dim HeaderOrFooterP As HeaderFooter = headersFooters(HeaderFooterType.FooterPrimary)

returns Nothing.

By comparing this document with a document where the TimeStamp is being inserted correctly we found that there was a difference between the FooterFromBottom setting in the document

When we changed the FooterFromBottom size from 0.86 cm to 1.27 cm the code was able to find the PrimaryFooter and the TimeStamp was correctly inserted.

My question is whether there is a minimum size for a Footer Or Header that must be set before Aspos will detect it or is there some other reason why the Footer was not found. I have attached the document.

john (1.0 MB)


Your document “HRM-3.4.docx” does not contain any footers. It only has HeaderPrimary in it. The code from the following article inserts watermark in each page correctly (see (909.0 KB)).

How to Add a Watermark to a Document