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Footnotes not preserved in HTML

Is this correct? If I do a Save() on a Document and save as HTML, the footnotes in the document are not preserved in the HTML. Should they be preserved? This is a big deal for us if they are not.


The problem is that in Microsoft Word, footnotes and endnotes are per section and can appear at the end of page, end of section or end of document.

There is no "page" in HTML and therefore we were not sure where to place footnotes and endnotes in HTML. We thought if we do it one way, there will be a customer who will require it another way, so we decided not to output them for the time being at all and seek some feedback from users like yourself.

Where do you want all footnotes and endnotes to appear? At the very end of HTML?

What if the document has several sections and the settings dictate for footnotes to appear at the end of section. Would you want them at the end of section (it will appear in the middle of HTML basically) or still want them all at the end of the document? Numbering in this case I guess could be strange. If each section has footnotes numbered from 1 and they appear at the end of section, then if Aspose.Words outputs all footnotes at the end of the document you would end up with several 1s, 2s and so on footnotes.

I would say, mimic Word's save as HTML. I hear your issues, but for a "simple" document it just shoves the footnotes at the end of the HTML. Create a 4 or 5 page Word doc, put a couple of footnotes in it, save at HTML and you'll see what I mean.

That's what we'd like anyway, although I understand that different customers may want different things. Again, I'd just to minic what Word already does (and I hope you can squeeze this into an upcoming version for us - this might be a deal-breaker from us purchasing Aspose.Words).



We’ll try to add this in the upcoming release. Check back on monday.

I've actually found time to do it today.

  • All footnotes and endnotes are now output at the end of the HTML document.
  • Footnotes have links from the reference to the footnote and back like in MS Word output.
  • Document-wide StartAt value for footnotes and endnotes is supported.
  • Restart numbering for each section or page is not supported. Numbering is throughout the whole document.
  • Default font is used to output footnote number (character formatting is ignored at the moment).

I would be glad if you can try it out and see if works well for you. If yes, it will come out in the next release. But in the meantime I'm attaching a special build with this feature.

Just tried it out and it looks great. The only quibble I have with it is that the footnote isn't "superscript" in the text - that is, the [1] is within the text, not "above" it. But this is a minor problem (and it's really not much of a problem anyway, just a styling preference).

This is pretty impressive that you turned this around so fast :)

Great, just please switch to the proper Aspose.Words 4.0 that was released today.

I have tried the new release and the footnotes are preserved in the HTML in some docs but in others they are still missing. I can send an example of a problem doc if you wish.


Yes, please do so.

The latest document of yours has a footnote that has “supress footnote reference turned on” and Aspose.Words does not support this. This feature is undocumented in the DOC format and we have not yet figured out how to deal with it. This was a known issue #1185. If it gets supported later, we will post a reply here.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by MuzammilKhan