Force table onto new page


How does one force a table to start on a new page if part of the table spans to a new page?


I might have five tables on one page. If the 5th table spans from page 1 to page 2, how do I make table #5 automatically start on page #2 instead of spanning between pages 1 and 2? If this is not possible, is it possible with some other element such as a row or section or something?


P.S. This is a great product and I plan on purchasing it soon!



If you know that you want table #5 to start on a new page, set the “IsFirstParagraph” attribute to “true”. This attribute on any paragraph object forces a new page.

Looking at the documentation, Ben and Tommy have added table attribute “IsRowBroken” which might keep whole table together. If not this may be a good feature to request.

Aspose is pretty good at fixing problems quickly and are very open to suggestions to improve the product. My company (and our client) have been happy with this tool.

– Tony