Form Field Names



Currently I am evaluating Aspose.Word. I am constructing web forms dynamically from Word templates; the web form looks similar to the template (simple letter type, no bullets or complex formatting), with textboxes in place of form fields. Basically I create a cell in a one column table with formatting like that of the paragraph, eg justification, font, bold.

I am using IDocumentVisitor to successfully iterate paragraphs and obtain the form fields in each paragraph - thus I can build the web form. I want to set the ID property of each textbox to the form field name (to store and retrieve in database). I can iterate all form fields and bookmarks in the document, but I cannot determine which form field is being accessed on FieldStart() and FieldEnd().

I came up with a hack to compare the text returned after the separator for that field and compare it against the Result property for each form field in the document; then I can get the form field name. However, in the case where multiple form fields have the same result, I have a problem uniquely identifying the field.

I look forward to having missed something simple!

Thanks gwe


We will add FormField method to IDocumentVisitor next week or so. It will give more info about a form field.


Excellent, I look forward to the next release.