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Format bit-/boolean-/ and decimal- values

Hello together,

I'm currently testing ASPOSE.Excel.

Using ImportDataTable, it is possible to format datetime-values.
Is it also possible to format bit-/boolean-values e.g. value in cell
should be "0" instead of "False" and "1" instead of "True" or format
decimal-values e.g. value in a cell is "1" and should be "1.00" ?

Further question concerning ASPOSE.Total:

We are thinking about buying ASPOSE.Total, therefore it would be helpful to
know the functions of the mail components mentioned in the ASPOSE.Total description.
Is there any help/reference to watch the functions of this components ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


For mail component, please download and try Aspose.Network at .

For formatting issues,

1. To replace "True" to 1 and "False" to 0, please try Excel.Replace method.

2. To format 1 to 1.00, please check .