Format erros converting docx to pdf in Aspose.Pdf for .Net Hot Fix


I am using Aspose.Pdf for .Net Hot Fix to convert a docx file that has a positiond textbox but in the pdf output the text to the left of the textbox does not wrap as it does in the docx file.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose products.
I’ve reproduced this issue on the latest versions of the both components. This kinds of alighment are not supported by Aspose.Pdf. I mean textboxes on page 4 in the source document and some others further. I’ll ask them whether they plan to work on this by e-mail referring your post. If it is critical to achieve similar layout we could try to find workarounds.
Regarding the first page, it is rendered differently because there is no such font available in PDF and it was approximated with some other font. That’s the reason why some text and the picture were on page 2 in DOC moved to page 1 in PDF.

Hi Dan,

I am sorry to say it is not supported yet. See detail info follow this link:
We also plan to support the feature in our further version. But for the complication, we can not support it in short time.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Best regards.