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Format painter Aspose.Cells in java

How can we make use of format painter kind of functionality present in Excel in Aspose.Cells for java?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Cells.

Can you please elaborate more your requirements by providing us some manually created xlx/xlsx file using Ms-Excel and then post it here? We will see how to achieve such a result programmatically using Aspose.Cells for Java. You can also attach some screenshots for more help.

I want the formatting to be applied on data present in cols F and G. The formatting should be same as it is for cols A and B. Also, The data present in the cols will be dynamic and will be populated from database. There is no fixed count for the data.

There is a feature called Format Painter in Excel which helps in copying the formatting related stuff fr a range of cells to other range. I want similar kind with Aspose.Cells for Java.


Thank you for the elaboration and your sample file.

I am afraid, right now Aspose.Cells JAVA API does not have such functionality. But we have logged this feature [Format Painter] in your system as “Required Feature” under Ticket ID CELLSJAVA-28442.
We can share the time lines for it’s implementation after analysing this requirement.

Meanwhile, if we find a workaround for your problem, we will let you know.