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Formatted text to a excel file from database


I am planning to buy Aspose.cells.dll for extracting and embedding pdf in excel worksheet.
I am Working on Microsoft

I have another requirement ,

I have an excel file containing formatted text in a cell (ex: text will be bold,italic,color) . I need to save the cell content in to the sql database.
Then i need to show the saved formatted text from database to a new excel file.

Is there any option available in any of your dlls.



How could you do this in MS Excel to save formatted data to database on the back end. Data would be exported in purity (without formatting) to Database. See the document on how you can export data from Worksheets to fill a data table, or arrays, later on you may save the datatable/array to fill your database on the back end using your own code (e.g you may use ADO.NET API for that purpose): But, I am not sure if there is any option present in MS Excel by which we can store formatted data on the back end. If you know some options in MS Excel, let us know, we will check it soon.

By the way, you may create SpreadsheetML (.xml) file that would be pure xml format of your worksheet formatted data.

Also, you may get/set html tags for the formatted cells using Cell.HtmlString attribute.

Thank you.