Formatting for image file is different when running on linux container

Hi Team,
We are evaluating Aspose.Cells to use on containers, when we are trying to generate an image using the Windows Machine, it is wokring fine, but when we are trying to generate the image on linux container then the image is not exactly the same format as excel, could you please help with this


Could you share more details on your issue with sample Excel file, sample code (runnable) and output images (using Windows and linux). Also, give us environment details of linux container.

Hi Team,

Thanks for your reply, attached are the sample code and sample files as required.
Also, for linux container we are using ubuntu based containers running on cloud foundry
I had also attached the sample file generated from inteop on Windows, this is the final file which we want to achieve from aspose on linux containers (222.2 KB) (213.6 KB)


Thanks for the resource files and sample code.

We have logged a ticket with an id “CELLSNETCORE-336” for your issue. We need to investigate your issue thoroughly and in details. We will try to figure it out soon.

Once we have an update on it, we will let you know here.

Hi @rgandhi
Linux has few default fonts, which is what makes the difference.
Please add the required font to the Linux container (in this case, it’s the missing font “consola”).

I wrote the test project, see this line in the Dockerfile:

COPY fonts/* /usr/share/fonts

If you remove this line, it will get bad result.
Make sure you put all the fonts you need in the fonts directory.
I use VS2019 to pass the test under Docker Desktop. (1.1 MB)