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Formatting issues with specific EML file (Email version 6.1)


I convert the attached eml file to mhtml and then render it using Aspose.Words.
With Aspose.Email 6.1 I have 2 issues (not existing in version 5.8). See attached png file.
1. The table at the bottom of the page has wrong formatting.
2. The date should be translated to Bulgarian (Cyrillic letters), but only ???? are displayed.

Best Regards,

Hi Vassil,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

The “paypal_6_1_formatting.eml” is converted to Mhtml format using Outlook 2013. This Mhtml is converted to PDF using Aspose.Words. It is observed that the output PDF contains same error in the bottom tabular part of the output as mentioned by you in the attached PNG. Therefore it does not seem to be an issue with Aspose.Email for .NET 6.1. You may please write to Aspose.Words for further assistance.

I am afraid that the issue related to date is not re-produced here as can be seen in the attached files. Could you please confirm the used versions again at your end?

Hi Muhammad,

I agree about the table formatting issue. I will forward it to Aspose.Words.

About the date formatting:
In order to reproduce it you need to have regional settings changed to different language: Bulgarian in my case.
In the attached zip you can see “paypal_6_1_formatting_ByOutlook.mht” file, which is produced by Outlook 2013 on my machine.

Outlook output - encoded:
<…mso-ansi-language:BG’>май 2013 г. 22:50…>

And Aspose output - not encoded:
<span class=3D’headerLineText’>??? 2=2E5=2E2013 ?=2E 22:49

Interesting is also that Aspose.Email 6.1 converts other files just fine. For example the attached “DropBox.eml” is converted to “DropBox.eml.1.MHtml” and the date is fine there:

<span class=3D’headerLineText’>=D0=BF=D0=B5=D1=82 6=2E12=2E2013 =D0=B3=2E 20:09

That is why I think the problem is in Aspose.Email 6.1 and affects only specific files.

Best Regards,

Hi Vassil,

I have observed the issue while setting my system regional settings to Bulgarian. The date and time in header is corrupted as compared to the date time rendering by Outlook. This issue is logged under Id: EMAILNET-35100 in our issue tracking system for further investigation by the product team. I shall write here as soon as some feedback is received in this regard.

Regarding the issue marked as “Expected date in Bulgarian” in the “formatting issues.png” provided with the first post, I am afraid that this issue is not re-produced yet with new regional settings as well. I have attached the snapshot here for your reference.

Hi Vassil,

With respect to EMAILNET-35100, the base message character set is different i.e. latin win 1252. In order to have proper conversion, please use the following sample code:


var inputMsg = MailMessage.Load(path + “paypal_6_1_formatting.eml”);

inputMsg.PreferredTextEncoding = Encoding.UTF8;

inputMsg.Save(path + “paypal_6_1_formatting.mht”, mhtSaveOptions);

This works!

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for sharing the feedback and please feel free to write to us if you have further query related to Aspose.Email API.