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Formula Calculation Chain


We need a solution where we can open excel file on the server and edit, calculate and use most if not all of Excel features.

From what I have seen of your Aspose.Cell, your product seem do pretty much what we need from a quick glance. But there is one feature we are looking for I could not find…

Is it possible to detect which cells have been modified following a cell change? For example, if I have in cell A1 the formula "=B1+2" and I change the content in cell B1, I would like to detect that the value in cell A1 might have changed.

In other word, we would need a Calculate Function that return the list of cells that have changed.



Thanks for your query.

Well, there is no such public API available that could give the details about the updated cells. Why do you need this? Aspose.Cells has its own formula calculation engine that calculates the formulas in the workbook. Furthermore, Aspose.Cells creates a formula calculating chain when you call Workbook.CalculateFormula() method, it increases performance when formulas are calculated for the second time and so on. Hence, when you call Workbook.CalculateFormula() method after updating some formula cells values, now only those formulas would be calculated whose values (for the underlying cells) are changed or updated. This way, you will always get better performance. and you do not need to check if any formula’s underlying cell values are changed or not.

Please see the documents/ article for your reference:

Thank you.


Thanks for your quick response.

We need this feature because we need to send what changed from the server to the client. We need an HTML5/Javascript Excel Viewer attached to an Excel Document on the server. Pretty much like Excel Online or Google Sheet. This feature would allow us to send only what changed to the client.

I had read about “Working with Formulas” but I don’t think it solve what we are trying to do.

I might have missed an Html5 Viewer you might have? I have only seen the ASP.Net one.


Yes, we do have Html5 Spreadsheet Editor (JAVA) which is a web application that can view and edit spreadsheet documents in a web browser if it suits your needs. It supports Excel file formats (e.g XLS, XLSX), SpreadsheetML, CVS, OpenDocument spreadsheet (ODS) and many other formats supported by Microsoft Excel. All basic features including cell editing, formatting, formula editing, row and column management etc. are supported. Please see the documentation (by browsing different documents in different sections/subsections) to know more about the showcase:

Thank you.