Formula Generation - Exporting Values ONLY


i am considering purchasing this product but i need to know if i will be able to save an excel file with ONLY the values, not the excel formulas that generated the values.

to be clear, i want to create a template that has formulas in it, put additional values into certain cells, and then save the entire thing as a spreadsheet with VALUES only, no formulas.

is this possible?


Yes. It's possible.

You can try the following code:

Excel excel = new Excel();



for(int i = 0; i < excel.Worksheets.Count; i++)


Worksheet sheet = excel.WorksheetsIdea [I];

for(int j = 0; j < sheet.Cells.Count; j ++)


Cell cell = sheet.Cells[j];






However, there are some limitations:

1. Addin functions, VBA functions are not supported. So if some cells contain these functions, their value will not be updated.

2. Not all Excel built-in functions are supported. You can check the support list at .

If some functions are not supported, their values may not be updated.