Formula is not working in Aspose GridWeb

I have applied formula in one of the column in grid and it is not calculating value after applying formula. It shows value as 0 for that cell.

It shows the formula when we mouse hover on that cell but doesn’t shows the calculated value.

The worksheet is bind to dataset retrieved from database.

Please find the below code :

WebWorksheet sheet = gwProducts.WebWorksheets[gwProducts.ActiveSheetIndex];

for (int i = 3; i

sheet.Cells[“G” + i.ToString()].Formula = “=SUM(E” + i.ToString() + “:F” + i.ToString() + “)”;



Please click on “Submit edit results and recalculate all formulas” icon/button on the GriWeb to calculate/recalculate the formulas on the GridWeb.

Also, you may use: WebWorksheets.RunAllFormulas() method to run all the formulas in the workbook.

Thank you.