Formula Issues


I am generating a dynamic varying length item list for customers to order from.

I want to use the following formula in cell F6:

=IF(OR(E6<>0)(E6<D6),“Some Message”,"")

but when I save and view the excel document the formula is:

(E6<D6),“Some Message”,"")

Can you please explain what your component is trying to do here?

Is the OR syntax not supported or is there a bug in your component.

Why does your component parse the formulas?
Is there a way to stop the component caring what formula has been set?


The OR function in MS Excel is not support yet. It will be available in the next week.

We have to parse the formulas because formulas in Excel file is not saved as string but as parsed records.





Now Aspose.Excel supports OR function. You can download the latest hotfix and have a try.


Most Excelent!

Works great!

Looking forward to trying the Conditional Formatting Cell copy option.

Thank you!