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Formula performance

I'm using Aspose.Grid.Desktop.

I'm populating about 8 columns with 70 rows. Some cells have comboboxes, etc.

When I add a "totals" column with formulas like =SUM(B1:D1), the columns after the totals column take longer to load then the columns before the totals column. And, for each subsequent group, they take that much longer.

In my line of code where I have cell.SetCellValue("=SUM(B1:D1)"), I replaced it with cell.SetCellValue("") and it runs very fast.

I'm not calling RunAllFormulas until the very end.

Can you think of anything I'm doing to cause it to be so slow?

I just did another test where I don't add any comboboxes but I do set the formula to =SUM(B1:D1) and it runs very fast.


I tried your scenario and I don't find any performance issue related combo boxes. I fill the the worksheet with about 100 rows from some source and add combo boxes to certain cells in the sheet etc.

Could you create a sample project to reproduce the issue. And which version you are using.

Thank you.