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Formulas missing from hidden columns

There seems to be a bug with populating excel row formulas when a column is hidden. This works okay where the column is visible.

The duration tab of the attached spreadsheet has columns G,H & I hidden when the report is generated (they have been made visible prior to saving).

The excel row formula is populated into range G495:I495 but is missing from range G4:I494.

Also the named range "DurationData" only covers rows B3:I4 and not B3:I495. I believe v1.5.13 will fix this but I highlight it as this is not just missing one row but is missing 494 rows.


Thank you for using Aspose product.

We are looking in to this issue and will update you as soon as possible.



We are looking into the issue, in the mean while is it possible for you to share your code with us. As this will be an aid in finding out the root cause of the issue.


Happy to share code but this is for Reporting Services and not sure what else I can give you other than the previous attachements. Let me know what you require.


I am very sorry, this is working correctly, there is no problem.

The problem was on our side, the attribute had not been set correctly to include the hidden columns. Now this is set the formulas are copied to all rows.