Found a revision with a no changes flag


I have been using version for a while. I downloaded version and updated the DLL the solution uses. When I try to retrieve a template document from my database I get the above error. This is the code that gets the error:

string documentCode = DocumentDropdownlist.SelectedValue;
LetterTemplate letterTemplate = LetterTemplateManager.GetLetterTemplateByCode(documentCode);
byte[] buffer = letterTemplate.LetterTemplateFile;
MemoryStream CurrentMemoryStream = new MemoryStream(buffer);
Document WordDocument = null;
WordDocument = new Document(CurrentMemoryStream);
catch(Exception e)

Not sure if this a licencing issue (currently 2.0 and waiting for an update to 3.0) as no problems in setting the licence at run time:

Aspose.Word.License AsposeWordLicense = new Aspose.Word.License();

string WordLicensePath = string.Format("{0}Aspose.Word.lic", ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["AsposeLicensePath"]); AsposeWordLicense.SetLicense(WordLicensePath);



Hi Jon,

No, that doesn’t seem to be a licensing issue. Please attach the template document.



Is it possible to attach a document so it is not publically available?



The document you attach to your post is visible only for you and Aspose, nobody else is allowed to see it. So do not worry about privacy, feel free to attach it.



I have attached the document.

This is the same document that is being used in my other active post (ExecuteWithRegions).



Okay Jon, the document is indeed shows the issue so I’m logging it, please check back in a few days or so.



Just so you know, I just ran into this issue with one of my documents today. I cannot post it due to confidential information in the document, but I wanted you to know that this is not an isolated issue.





Any update on this on. I’d like to use the latest version but can’t while documents won’t open correctly.




We are going to fix this issue pretty soon, probably on Monday.



We have released Aspose.Word 3.1.4.

  • Fixed the “Found a revision with a no changes flag” exception.