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Free download "does not initialize properly"

I’ve tried about four times this morning to download a free xls viewer. I tried from Microsoft’s own site, and tried perhaps three times to re-install or repair it. Then tried your site. In each case, it suggests it has downloaded and installed correctly, but when I try to use the viewer I get the error message that it “failed to initialize.”

I have a copy of an xls viewer on my computer at work which functions nicely to receive xls sheets people send me. This computer runs on Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1. I have a folder titled Microsoft Office, though I do not use that program. Can you help? – Thanks, – Fannie

Does the error message happens on running demos on our web site?

Could you please try to download the files created on our demos and open it locally with your xls viewer?

By the way, since you use Windows XP Home Edition, the feature demos will not run correctly on your machine since IIS is not included in WinXP Home Edition.