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French characters with accents - Plain Text Message

RE: Aspose.Network.Mail


I'm trying to send an email in French, with French letters (i.e. characters) that have accents. There are 2 different French versions, one a plain text message body, the other an HTML message body. The HTML email version comes through just fine, accents and all. However, the plain text version comes through with the characters with accents entirely missing.

How do I specify encoding for the plain text body so that the characters with accents will appear correctly in the plain text email version?

Thanks! Smile [:)]

Dear Laina,

Thanks for your post.

In order to set specified encoding for the plain text body, please use the Charset property of the PlainTextBody. For example:

TextPlainBody frPlainTextBody = new TextPlainBody();
frPlainTextBody.Charset = "utf-8";//set the charset.
frPlainTextBody.Content = "French franais fran├žais :\n" ;

Aspose.Network.Mail.TextHtmlBody frHtmlTextBody = new TextHtmlBody();
frHtmlTextBody.Charset = "utf-8";//set the charset
frHtmlTextBody.Content = "French fran├žais Html Body:\n";

Feel free to ping me with any problems

This does not work. Instead of presenting the character with the proper accent, the character is entirely missing.

Well, TextBody is not so useful most of the time. For most morden email clients all support HTML displaying.

However, we are doing investigation for the problem. I will get back to you as soon as poosible.


Any progress on this issue? We're still in need of a text-only version of our emails for French customers.



What's the version of Aspose.Network are you using? It looks like you are using the old version of it. I'am afraid that we cannot provide such feature for the olde verions.

Best regards.