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From email address

I am sending all emails using a single account each project on our software has an email address, how do I set the from email address to the project email address. Eventhough I set the from email to the project, when we send an email from email address says, need help, thanks


For sending an email from any email address you have to mention from email address like as

// Set From field, To field and Plain text body
message.From = "";
message.Body = “This is Plain Text Body”;

and then you need to provide server details e.g SMTP
// Create an instance of the SmtpClient class
SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient();

// And Specify your mailing host server, Username, Password and Port
client.Host = “”;
client.Username = “Username”;
client.Password = “Password”;
client.Port = 25;

and then finally
//Client.Send will send this message

might be a gmail issue, eventhough I provide a sender email address, sender always says account email not from email address


Please provide your sample code so that we could further investigate this issue.

Looks like a gmail issue, gmail will always use the account email that you are sending from even if you set the from email address.


From email address is always the same as the one set in SMPT Client for sending out emails. In your case, we need to understand your complete scenario so specify details along with test account credentials for investigating this issue further.