I am using FromICalendar to grab information from a VEVENT stream which contains the following…

SUMMARY:Olympic Break

I Then generate a pattern object as follows…

RecurrencePattern pattern = RecurrencePattern.FromiCalendar(String theStream)

1st Question

When I pull the startDate (pattern.StartDate) I get what is given by DTSTART.
The rrule I get (from pattern.ToiCalendar()) is "DTSTART:20060213T000000"

How do I pull the ENDDATE from this?
Should not the rrule have included a “UNTIL:xxxxx” tag?

2nd Question
If the DTSTART included timeZone info (DTSTART;TZID=US/Pacific:20060411T180000), is there any way I can know what timeZone I get out of pattern.StartDate ?

last Question
When do u think you will have support classes for things like SUMMARY: or DESCRIPTION: tags?

Thanks for your reply



Aspose.iCalendar deals with recurrence patterns only at the moment and is not supposed to read complete iCalendar events.

Your pattern does not have a recurrence rule (RRULE) therefore you are not getting any meaningful results because from Aspose.iCalendar point of view there is actually nothing to do.

Timezones are ignored in Aspose.iCalendar at the moment and it treats the times as local times.

We do plan to provide an object model for the whole iCalendar standard (and support for timezones) hopefully by the end of 2005.