Funnel, Histogram, Box and Whisker charts not generated correctly to image


Using Aspose.Cells for .Net, version 19.3 in order to convert charts from Excel to images will result in blank charts.
Method used: Aspose.Cells.Charts.Chart.ToImage(ImageOrPrintOptions options);

Please see attached code and sample ( (33.6 KB) )
in order to reproduce the issue.
The issue is reproduced for Funnel, Histogram and Box and Whisker chart types.


These chart types are not supported yet and new feature requests are already added in our database. We will write back here as soon as any feedback is available about these tickets.

CELLSNET-45590 - Support Histogram Excel 2016 Chart
CELLSNET-46583 - Support Funnel Excel 2016 Chart
CELLSNET-45591 - Support Box & Whisker Excel 2016 Chart