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Generate consolidated table of contents from combined documents

Performing a product comparison for potential purchase, one thing that our current tool does (and something that is not done by SharePoint either) is the creation of a consolidated document table of contents when documents are combined. Don’t see that documented anywhere on the site for Aspose words for SharePoint.


To deal with Word documents (such as DOCX, RTF, ODT etc), Aspose offers two products that you can use with SharePoint i.e. Aspose.Words for SharePoint and Aspose.Words for .NET. If you just want to convert documents (to many different formats) right in your SharePoint’s document library by using graphical user interface, we suggest you please install Aspose.Words for SharePoint.

Aspose.Words for SharePoint has two main features: document conversion and report generation. It integrates with SharePoint and provides a user interface for these features. You can use these features programmatically as well. But, Aspose.Words for SharePoint does not expose the whole document object module like Aspose.Words for .NET does. For example, the MailMerge feature is available in Aspose.Words for .NET; but you cannot use the MailMerge class via Aspose.Words for SharePoint.

On the other hand, Aspose.Words for .NET provides you the complete API for working with a document object model. For example, the MSI installer does not register itself across the SharePoint server farm. However, you can easily use Aspose.Words for .NET with SharePoint. We would suggest you please go through the following blog post and video tutorial:
Using Aspose.Total for .NET with SharePoint for File Creation and Manipulation

In your case, you can use Aspose.Words for .NET to combine multiple Word documents into a single document (see Joining and Appending Documents).

And yes, in this combined document, you can easily Insert a Table of Contents Programmatically

Please let us know if you need more information; we are always glad to help you.