Generate template from existing image



We have logged your concerns under the ticket and will consider them during further investigation against it. We will let you know as soon as some updates are available. Please spare us little time.



Thanks for your patience.

Your images were not recognized properly as they were missing the reference points. The images and scans should be the same as the template image, with black squares, in order to recognize them properly. The suggested workflow is following:

  • Create template (.omr) and template image with reference points
  • print them
  • fill them
  • then take a photo or a scan
  • recognize.

Sure, it is possible. See the files in the attachment. The archive contains template image, .omr file and filled photo example for you to test. Please note that template image and photo has the same layout. (2.0 MB)

Unfortunately, in the current version of Aspose.OMR for .NET only squares are supported. However, we plan to add more types of reference points and even remove them completely in future versions.