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Generated MPP file changes the start date and finish date to 'N/A' and duration to '0' hours

Aspose generated MPP file changes the start date and finish date to ‘N/A’ and duration to ‘0’ hours, when any changes done in the file. I don’t understand why these fields changes to N/A.

I have attached the mpp template, source code and generated mpp for your reference. Please Help me on this.

Hi Sanjay,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

I have tested the sample mpp files and observed that if we make any change in the file, start date, finish date and duration become 0. I have tried to reproduce the scenario using your sample code however I am afraid that I could not resolve the following references:

  • mX.MigrationPlan.DF.Objects.ProjectPlanDocument
  • mX.MigrationPlan.DF.Objects.TaskItem
  • DF.Objects.Dependency
  • DF.Objects.SuggestedRoles
  • DF.Objects.TaskItem
  • ProjectPlanDocument.MigrationTaskType
  • DF.Objects.MigrationTaskType.MigrationTask
  • And many more

Could you please send me a complete console based project which can be compiled and executed here to reproduce the scenario and observe the issue? It will help me to analyze the problem and provide solution as soon as possible.

Here you go, you will find the required source in attachments.

Run the project in release mode to generate the MPP file

Hi Sanjay,

When XML is opened in MSP, it performs all the recalculations and, thus, if you make any changes in the XML, the dates remain fine. The same is not done in case of MPP i.e. no recalculations are done when loaded in MSP. If you load the output MPP in MSP and then press Calculate Project button, then no NA occurs if you make changes to the MPP file.

In order to solve teh issue, you can either set early/late dates manually by yourself or use Task.Recalculate(root) to recalculate these dates. But to use Task.Recalculate, you need to make some changes in the code so that all calculations would be correct. Please find the attached ProjectPlanExporter.cs file which contains changes at lines 261-264, 363, 436. Please add these to your file and let us know your feedback.