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Generated pdf doesn't open on acrobat reader 7


I’m currently using .net 2 dll version

I used the attached code to generate pdf and use the following code to save the pdf:


pdf.Save(“rop_export.pdf”, SaveType.OpenInAcrobat, Me.Response)

The generated file opens fine on acrobat reader 8 but doesn’t open on acrobat reader 7 with the following message:

“There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repared”.

I tried putting the image of the generated pdf using bind html, as a normal paragraph and as a header, and all seems to fail on acrobat reader 7.

can we find a solution please?



I have tested your code but was not able to reproduce the error. I used dummy data to generate the html according to your code and tested the pdf with both Adobe Reader 7 and 8 but there was no problem.

Can you please save your HTML to a file and send that to us so we can test it. Also send us the pdf file that you get.


this is the html generated

and this is the pdf generated.

And if you still can’t reproduce the problem could you attach the dll that you have used please.



I have tested with Aspose.Pdf and still can't reproduce the problem. Can you please also send us the image that you are using. I think the image could be the cause as the pdf that I generated didn't have the image.


here is the image


I have tested this every way I can and still can't reproduce the error. I have attached the output that I get. I am testing with Aspose.Pdf v Are you also using this version.


I can confirm that your generated PDF works.

Just to double check, i downloaded aspose.pdf from this link: http://www.aspose.com/community/files/113366/download.aspx
and installed it again today.

The dll is version and size is 2977KB and the created date is 14th Feb 2008 20:07.

I still have the problem, and my generated pdf has bigger filesize and the rendered table is slightly different (top row on page 14).

are we sure we are using the same dll?

I'm having exactly the same problem, and the project is due to go live on Monday. Help!

Created pdf says its corrupted when using version 7 of Acrobat and Reader, yet opens fine in version 8. I've tested it both on PC and Mac, with various browsers. I can copy the supposedly corrupted pdf file over to my dev PC and it opens no problems.

I've downloaded the latest aspose.pdf dll and that hasn't fixed the problem.

Need to get this sorted ASAP as it's a show stopper, any Ideas?


Can you please provide your complete solution including the Aspose.Pdf dlls. If its not possible than can you make a simple Hello World application and try to reproduce the error with that and then send us the complete solution. In the mean time I will also ask our developers to look into this.


i found the problem and the solution.
I had to run Me.Response.Close() right after doing pdf.Save otherwise it puts html crap at the end of the pdf file, which v7 couldn’t handle but v8 could. (i should have figured this out much earlier)


We have the same problem, and Response.Close() after

pdf,save("Alert.pdf", Aspose.Pdf.SaveType.OpenInBrowser, Response);

doesn't help unfortunately.

Please advise.


I think you should use Response.End() instead of Response.Close().

I was having the same problem and Response.End() works for me.