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Generating invoice letters for a list of customers using dyamically growing tables

Hi there,

We have a requirement that we need to generate a document containing outstanding payments (more than one row in a table) for a group of selected customers. Is it possible with Aspose.Word & Mail Merge? Could you give some pointers please as one of your demos appears to work for a single customer.

If it is not straight forward, could you recommend an approach that best meets our requirement please?


There are several ways to do it.

One way is to generate an invoice for a single customer like in the invoice demo and then combine all those documents into one document by copying or moving sections between documents.

Another way is to use mail merge for the outer (customers) table and provide a merge field event handler, inside the event handler use DocumentBuilder to build the invoice for the customer, similar question and a solution in this topic

Aspose.Word 2.1.3 is released with new demos. for more info see