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Generating PNG from VSDX Failed

Thanks for all the great work that you do , helping us with all the problems in different Aspose Library.

I’m trying to generate a simple png file of a vsdx page but the result png file is not correct.
the vsdx file and the resulted PNG file are in the attached file.
below is the simple code that I used to generate this problem :

License license = new License();
[//license.setLicense](https://license.setlicense/)(“C://Users//ark//Desktop//Visio Import//Aspose.Total.Java.lic.resj”);
// The path to the documents directory.
String dataDir = “C://Users//ark//Desktop//Visio Import//Diagrams//”;
// Call the diagram constructor to load diagram
Diagram vdxDiagram = new Diagram(dataDir + “testVsdxCHD.vsdx”);
ImageSaveOptions imgOpts = null;
imgOpts = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.PNG);
vdxDiagram.save(dataDir + “testVDX.png”, imgOpts);

Hi Achraf,

Thank you for contacting support. It looks as you are using an old version. We have tested your sample Visio diagram against the latest build of Aspose.Diagram for Java 5.5.0 and the output PNG file looks perfect. We’ve attached the output PNG file to this reply.

Please refer to the Aspose.Diagram for Java download:

Please let us know in case of any ambiguity or questions.