Get field values after signing/flattening


Is there a way to retrieve form field values after a document has been flattened? The act of signing a PDF through AdobeSign flattens it to prevent further edits, which appears to remove all field instances when loaded as an Aspose.PDF. There is no option to disable this in AdobeSign’s settings.

With the fields gone, I only have text fragments of the user’s answers with no mapping to the fields I had created before the document was flattened.

Is comparing Rect coordinates between text fragments the only way to associate textual field values with the original field questions? Without Fields, I also have no “partial names” to map values to.



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When a document is flattened, all fields from the document are removed and their values are placed instead. So, you may either retrieve values before signing the document otherwise comparing text fragments coordinates or Extracting Text from a particular page region might be the only options, if feasible.


Thank you for clarifying. It’s all beginning to make more sense to me now.

For anyone else ending up here and wondering how to get form field values back from a signed Adobe Sign document, Adobe Sign exports field values to a csv file associated with the flattened document. A simple API call will fetch that metadata.



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