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Get IPortion Font Family

Hi. Does it possible to determine font family? For example, we have some random document with slides. In slide we have some text. Text contains in IPortion. In IPortion.PortionFormat we have properties LatinFont and SymbolFont. But in any case, they are null.

What I need: for example, some text has “Courier New” font family, other has “Arial”, etc. How we can’t know what font family has font?


I have observed the requirements shared by you and request you to please share the sample presentation along with source presentation used to determine the font family for the text. We will be able to investigate the issue further on our end on provision of requested information.

For example we have next text1234.png (3.4 KB)
Every string has different font family (or type). So, you can see difference between them. So, how I can know, that first string has “Courier new” font, second “Broadway” font?

Typical task: I want replace text in document with some another text, or remove it. And some time later I want restore original state of document. By using serialization, I can save some font original properties, like, bold / italic, size, color, highlight, underline, strikeout, etc… but I cant save Font Family of text.

And then, when I try restore document to original state, Font Family is became default (Calibri for example).


I have observed your first post where you have mentioned that you are trying to find font information in LatinFont or SymbolFonts but failing. The properties you mentioned hold the font information and therefore, I need the source presentation that you are using along with working sample project code reproducing the issue. Please provide the information so that we may investigate that further on our end to help you.

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Sorry. It’s my mistake. All working good.


It’s good to know things are working fine on your end. Please feel free to share if you have any further inquiry in this regard.

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